Windscreen Mounts

Windscreen Mounts

Here is another Modifry exclusive product that is not sold anywhere else.  All of our Windscreen Camera Mounts start with an unobtrusive base plate that easily installs between the factory windscreen and glove box lid using the OEM hardware.  The base "stays" on the car and when you want to use your camera just clip the mounting head onto the base plate and aim your camera.  Very easy to use and a snap to remove - you can even leave the camera attached to the removable pedestal so the next time you install it it's already aimed! Perfect for securing your camera in the trunk between runs or track sessions without spending time re-adjusting it.

Windscreen Camera Mount

The "original" Modifry Windscreen Camera Mount.  Base plate installs easily between the factory wind screen and the top of the glove box and it's a snap to clip the camera pedestal on and off any time you want to use your camera.  Camera mounting head is very heavy-duty with metal thumb..

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Low-Profile Windscreen Mount

Same design as the original Modifry Windscreen Camera mount but with a smaller low-height camera head that puts your camera about 2" lower than the regular mount. Standard tripod-style mounting screw and high-quality friction-ball allows for 30┬░ tilt in every direction.  As with..

GoPro Windscreen Mount

Unlike many other GoPro adapters, all of our mounts for GOPRO┬« Cameras are furnished with a new stainless steel threaded thumb-screw so you don't have to swap your thumb-screw from mount to mount.  This product includes the same base plate as our original Windscreen Mount combined with a cli..

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